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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  May 14, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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. brand-new hour. it's good to be with you. i'm victor blackwell. >> i'm alisyn camerota. as millions of fully vaccinated americans try to navigate cdc's new recommendations. masks are no longer needed outside and no longer needed
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inside for most situations, for fully vaccinated people. that leaves it to business owners and civic leaders for what to do. >> some states, arizona, washington, others are immediately following the momentum, lifting all or most of their mandates. some companies like target, home depot, los angeles county as well, the state of hawaii, they say for now their rules to mask up are staying. speaker nancy pelosi says the house chamber will also keep masks in place. dozens of house republicans are asking her to reverse that. airlines are also sticking with masks. cnn aviation correspondent pete joins us. the cdc wants the airlines to keep the mask requirements. is there any pushback from the industry? >> well, victor, airlines say they will keep enforcing masks on board flights even if you are fully vaccinated. it's a key caveat in all of this. the tsa says the transportationwide mask mandate, federally mandated by the federal government during the biden administration, will stay in place. plains, trains, buses, boats,
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also in terminals until september 13th. here is the statement from the tsa. it says, this federal requirement throughout the transportation system seeks to minimize the spread of covid-19. we will continue to work closely with the cdc to evaluate the need for these directives. the real question here is how people will react to all of this. the faa says it's seen 1,300 reports of unruly passengers on commercial flights in the last three months alone. i spoke to faa administrator steve dixon about this in an exclusive interview and he says that is a huge uptick. are you at all concerned with summer travel on the horizon? >> i'm always concerned. we always have to be vigilant on safety issues. and the aviation system that we have in the united states is the safest form of travel in human history. we need to do everything we can always to make sure that it stays that way.
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and, again, that's what this zero tolerance policy is all about, to make sure we get the situation under control. >> all of this is happening as more people are coming back to flying. the tsa says 1.74 million people passed through security at america's airports on thursday. that is a new record of the pandemic. you know, the head of the association of flight attendants tells me, there can be no confusion about this new guidance. victor, alisyn? >> pete, thank you. so, just before show time today, a north carolina joined the growing list of states lifting most or all of the mask mandates. the governor there says he's also lifting social distancing rules and capacity limits. joining us now, one restaurateur from greensboro, owning anthony's sea destiny. with that news from the governor, are you going to ease
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your mask requirements and social distancing? what's the plan? >> not at all. we want to make sure we error on the side of being smart and safe. we understand what the governor has said, but we have to take everybody into consideration. and so with that being said, you know, my question has been, how are we going to govern that? are we going to ask them to show their card? i have my card right here. are they expecting us to -- when people come through the door, are they expecting us to show them verification or are we going to continue to do it as we've been doing it because you have the side where the people who are wearing masks, the deny mask wearers, they're not going to complain, but the people who decide that i'm not going to wear a mask but then the people think they should be wearing a
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mask, who's eating on the inside, there can be a problem. we're just going to continue to do it the way it is. our seens let them know in spite of what's being said, we want to require you to wear a mask. >> you're going to require people to wear a mask. do you think that will make it complicated for your business? do you think you'll get pushback from customers? >> i mean, the thing about it is, at the end of the day we're going to train our teams to be nonconfrontational. we're going to have it there. at the same time, if they decide they don't want to wear it, there's not nothing we can do as it pertains to that. we're going to take the safety of our team here and then also the customers and everything and just ask them, you know, if they would, you know, would you please continue to wear your mask. >> it's only been a day since the cdc changed the guidance, but have you experienced any pushback from vaccinated people who don't want to wear a mask? >> not at all. we have not. we open here on wednesdays.
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we open up wednesday, yesterday, when this announcement was made. we had no problems, none whatsoever. >> and, anthony, what about your employees. do you make your employees be vaccinated and/or wear a mask? >> no. we don't require them to be vaccinated. we suggest it but we do require them to wear masks. and so, you know, that's big for us because we want to respect the safety of other people here. so, we do require them to wear a mask because here's the situation. there are some people who come in who are, you know, mask-conscious. believe me, during this pandemic, they would call, let me know. there again, we're going to error on the side of being smart and being safe and go from there. and then we'll deal with that. >> anthony knotts, thank you very much. great to talk to you and best of luck with all of the new guidance. >> thank you. dr. richard besser is the
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former acting director of the cdc and now president and ceo of the robert johnson foundation. doctor, thank you very much for being here. you can hear the confusion. this is now up to different municipalities, different business owners, of what they're going to do given that the cdc guidance. look, some people met it with joy and some people met it with confusion. so, now what? >> yeah. so, i met it with a lot of joy. and i think that this is really marking a historic change in how we're responding to this pandemic. but that being said, the response to the pandemic is local. and how this pandemic plays out is local. so, it's very important that people listen to their local officials and that local officials look at what's taking place in their communities. so, i don't expect that everyone's going to jump on board right away. and i also expect that it's going to take some people time
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to come to grips with this. we've all been incredibly traumatized during this pandemic. one of the things that gives us a sense of security is wearing those masks, keeping away from other people. it's going to take a while to undo that and feel comfortable that the science says for people who are fully vaccinated, that's a safe thing to do. >> dr. besser, we heard from senator susan collins that she no longer feels the cdc is the gold standard. some of the medical professionals we've had on said they went from one extreme to the other. do you think that this period, this reversal after just 16 days since the last guidance has eroded the cdc in any way, the reliability on the organization? >> you know, victor, i hope not. i hope that the transparency yesterday when dr. walensky went through the evidence that led
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them to finally decide, okay, the time is right to tell people who are fully vaccinated that they can get rid of their masks in most situations, that did a lot for me. it was a number of pieces of data. one of the big ones is we've seen a 30% decline in cases in america over the past two weeks. and that steady decline decreases the risk for everybody, whether you're vaccinated or not. we're also seeing how these vaccines are performing in the real world, so it's not just saying, how did they do in studies, but a number of real world studies, as these vaccines are used in hundreds of millions of people, show they're really some of the best vaccines we've had, with greater than 90% protection from serious disease. and we're at the point where there is enough vaccine for everyone in america 12 and older who wanted to be vaccinated. those pieces and the evidence that people who are fully vaccinated are very unlikely to
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spread this to other people. that's enough evidence to say, okay, you can put the masks away. the issue of trust is a really challenging one and managing trust during a pandemic where for the first year the cdc was basically, you know, shut off from speaking to the public, that really crippled the agency's ability to bring the public along. >> drmploctor, we have some questions from viewers. here's one i know victor and i are wrestling with as well. this comes from tom. if fully vaccinated people, i'm one of them, he says, are able to go maskless, how will anyone know i'm fully vaccinated? should we play it safe until we get to 70% vaccination? that's what you'll be confronted with. people are wearing a mask, you don't know their vaccination status. >> you don't. the good thing to know, if you are fully vaccinated, you are very safe. that's the piece there that's really important.
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it's going to be really important that the cdc and others continue to track what's happening with variants to make sure that people who are fully vaccinated are protected against variants. i hope that this provides some more incentive for people who aren't vaccinated, if they needed more to say, if you're fully vaccinated, you can feel comfortable doing these activities. when you're vaccinated, you're helping protect yourself, you're helping protect those who can't get vaccinated, like young children and those for whom vaccines may not be very effective. some people with immunodeficiencies. if someone is around you and they don't have a mask on, they haven't been vaccinated, you are very safe. >> control room, i'm skipping to question three to get it in. why not tie mask guidance to vaccination rate at the local level? >> well, you know, again, if the -- what i would say is more
12:12 pm
important is what's happening to cases at the local level. so, if you're seeing in your community that cases are still really high or they're not coming down or your hospital is really tight, then it doesn't make sense to make changes. here in new jersey where i live, the governor says, you know, things are working really well for us right now. things are moving in the right direction. we don't want to make a change. that may change in a few weeks if the numbers continue to decline and the comfort level goes up with this kind of guidance. >> let me jump in. if you think that's the smarter route, should the cdc have done that, tie it to the transition rate? >> the thing is, we're seeing declines in every single state, which is something we haven't seen for a really long time. so cdc makes national guidance and states and locals have to interpret that. what they're saying is from the evidence, it is safe to get rid of masks, but listen be to your locals and listen to your business owners because businesses can have their own
12:13 pm
policy. they may do that to help protect their workers if they're not requiring vaccines for their workers. and a level of comfort for customers coming in. so, a lot of moving pieces here. >> a lot of moving pieces. we remember that the cdc issued transmission rate based advice or guidance during the last administration and people skipped over it to reopen. so, it's kind of damned if you do, damned if you don't on some of these elements. >> one other piece is when you look at vaccine coverage around the country, it's not even. black and latino americans have much more challenges in terms of vaccine access. and we have to increase that so that everyone has the opportunity to be vaccinated and protected. >> absolutely. dr. richard besser, thank you for your time, sir. >> thank you. it's a pleasure. it's official. elise stefanik is now part of the house republican leadership team. she's calling for party unity but makes it clear that only one
12:14 pm
man matters to the party. former president donald trump. plus, we are live in israel where tensions are escalating with some of the worst fighting between israel and hamas seen in more than seven years. details on the possible israeli ground operation being planned. the new samsung galaxy s21. this looks different. it is.
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democratic congresswoman oc giving her assessment of mar marjorie taylor greene. >> she clearly needs some help. her fixation has lasted for several years now. you know, at this point the depth of that unwellness has raised concerns for other members as well. and so, you know, this is an assessment that needs to be made by the proper professionals. >> i don't know if you could hear all of that, but she said she's deeply one well. marjorie taylor greene shouted
12:20 pm
down ocasio-cortez earlier in the halls in the capitol, and this dates back to 2018 when marjorie taylor greene made a visit to the capitol. this video has been unearthed. >> we're going to visit alexandria ocasio-cortez, nutty eyes. i'm an american citizen. i pay your salary through the taxes that you collect from me through the irs because i'm a taxpaying citizen of the united states. so you need to stop being a baby and stop locking your door and come out and face the american citizens you serve. if you want to be a big girl, you need to get rid of your diaper and come out and talk to the american citizens instead of us having to use a flap, a little flap. >> it's kind of like her. >> stop being a baby? >> it's a mail slot. >> i mean, to yell -- talking through the mail slot and
12:21 pm
calling somebody childish, sophomoric names? >> you know what, i'm alwaysings, i guess i shouldn't be, that she wanted to share that video. she wanted people people to see her shouting at a member of congress, speaking through a mail slot, because i guess that came her some type of bona fide? >> it also gave her money. she has raised $3 million in the first quarter of 2021 because she posts this stuff and there are people who like it. and i'm glad you brought up the david hogg thing because this is her m.o., she chased a teenage parkland school shooting survivor down the street, screaming at him about her zeal for open carry laws, or conceal carry law, i can't remember, but guns, basically. let me just remind people. >> i'm an american citizen. i'm a gun owner. i have a conceal carry permit.
12:22 pm
i carry a gun for protection for myself and you are using your lobby and the money behind it and the kids to try to take away my second amendment right. you don't have anything to say for yourself? you can't defend your stance? how did you get over 30 appointments with senators, how did you do that? how did you get major press coverage -- >> i talked to david hogg after this, victor, and he said it took every ounce of his zen mindfulness not to turn around because she baits people. she baits people using their, you know, trigger words about guns and everything to try to get them into an altercation. >> and apparently she's doing the same thing now with her colleagues in the house that they're having to center themselves as they're shouted out by congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. earlier today, house members selected new york congresswoman, and embracer of the big lie,
12:23 pm
elise stefanik to replays liz cheney. stefanik used her first news conference this morning to convince the country that her party is unified. >> so, i'm very excited for this opportunity, we're unified working as one team. this is about being unified. we are unified and i look to the voters across america. republican voters are unified in their support and their desire to work with president trump. we are unified as republicans. we are, whoworking as one team. we are going to win the majority in 2022 as one team. we are unified in working with president trump. my job representing our republican members, the vast majority we look forward to working with president trump. >> that's what you call a talking point when you say it so many times. listen, what we're seeing from house republicans right now is really not what we saw from the republican party just a few years ago. so, how did it get from the party of abraham lincoln and ronald reagan to donald trump and the big lie? cnn's fareed zis diving into
12:24 pm
that. watch. >> let me give you some snapshots of the republican elector rat today. >> you need to stop watching the media and get the facts. >> in a cnn poll conducted after january 6th, 70% of republicans said they did not believe that joe biden won the election legitimately. >> there's too much evidence of fraud. >> fight for trump! >> over 40% believe bill gates is planning to use the covid-19 vaccine as a pretext to implant microchips in people's brains in order to track them. and roughly 1 in 4 republicans agree with the key tenet of the qanon conspiracy, that a group of satan-worshipping elites who run a child sex ring are trying
12:25 pm
to control our media and politics. >> joe biden is the biggest pedophile on the face of the planet. >> this is not a conspiracy. it's fact. >> it becomes impossible to deny. the republican party today has been infected by a series of crazy conspiracy theories. why? >> fareed joins us now. listen, it could be easy for people at home to think those are just the extremes. but the latest polling shows that 70% of polled republicans believe the election was stolen from former president trump, so they are unified around some elements. >> i think that it's -- that statistic is the one i mentioned, 40% believe bill gates is trying to control them by implanting microchips in their brain, i think something like a third of republicans still believe that barack obama was born in kenya, not the
12:26 pm
united states. and the question you have to ask is why this anger, why this apocalyptic view that the world is collapsing, going away? american civilization is on the brink? part of what i try to describe in this documentary is the origins, the roots of this, because it goes back very deep. republican leaders have been playing games with their followers for a long time. and they have planted the seeds of this kind of conspiracy theory, distrust of authority, distrust of other republicans who are viewed as moderates. when you create that much -- that fertile ground and then you throw in a man like donald trump, the first republican leader truly to be entirely unconcerned with whether what he says is fact or fiction, truth or lie, it turns out, it sticks. it sticks big time. >> and then there's the media.
12:27 pm
i don't mean the news media, i mean the media. there are obviously some networks that try to pass themselves off as news, but they are not. they have strayed from that. in fact, they peddle this propaganda. and last night on fox tv, liz cheney called them out. let me play that for you. >> fox news especially, especially fox news, has a particular obligation to make sure people know the election wasn't stolen. every single one of us, everybody watching this show, everybody who works at fox, everybody who's elected to office, all of us have to love our country more. >> of course, that's not what fox has told their viewers for large chunks of the evening. what have you found out about the impact that's had? >> well, there's no question that this media has allowed people to choose their news
12:28 pm
listen to broadly fact-based or more objective reporting. fox is essentially a propaganda arm. it's not even an arm of the republican party. that's not the way to think about it. it's a propaganda arm of the most extreme wing of the republican party. it is the television version of twitter for the republican party. the most extreme, the most passionate, the most energized. the thing here is that these people believe it is more important to fight than to be right. it is more important to hate the enemy than love the truth. that's the part it has gotten unhinged. we should understand. it's okay to be partisan, it's okay to be political if you have ideas you believe in, but they cannot come at the cost of facts, they cannot come at the cost of truth and they cannot come at the cost of democracy. that's what liz cheney represents. remember, liz cheney is much more conservative than elise
12:29 pm
stefanik. she has an acu rating, out of 100, she has 78 out of 100. elise stefanik has a 40. one of the lowest ratings. she's basically a liberal except she has pledged to trump and to the big lie. it turns out that in the modern republican party, what matters is not your adherence to an ideology, what matters is your klanish loyalty to the tribe and the tribal leader, whose name is donald trump. >> well, fareed, we can't wait to see your special. it looks really fascinating. thanks so much for joining us. make sure you tune in to fareed's special report "a radical rebellion: the transformation of the gop" sunday night at 8 c:00 p.m. rig here on cnn. a close confidante of matt gaetz has struck a plea deal with federal prosecutors. what does this mean for matt gaetz?
12:30 pm
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xfinity internet customers, switch to xfinity mobile and get unlimited with 5g included for $30 on the nations fastest, most reliable network. on. let's push forward on the breaking news. joel greenberg, a close confidante of florida congressman matt gaetz. he struck a deal with federal
12:34 pm
prosecutors. greenberg will now cooperate with ongoing investigations. >> matt gaetz has not been charmged and denies any wrongdoing. let's bring in our cnn senior legal affairs correspondent paula reed with her reporting. what does this mean for matt gaetz? >> reporter: we know greenberg is currently sitting in jail. he's facing 33 federal charges. he cut a deal to cooperate with prosecutors and plead guilty to just six charges, but one of those charges is sex trafficking of a minor. and in this plea, he admits to having sex with this minor at least seven times while she was under age. notably as part of this plea deal, he plans to admit he introduced this minor to other adult men who engaged in sex acts with this child. now, congressman gaetz is not mentioned at all in this plea deal. he has want been charged. he has denied any wrongdoing. we know gaetz is currently under federal investigation for possible sex trafficking,
12:35 pm
prostitution and he may have had sex with a minor. this requires greenberg, his closest associate, to cooperate in any ongoing investigations. now, cnn has previously reported that greenberg has already provided investigators with details about how and congressman gaetz exchanged gifts and money for sex with women. now, this plea deal is interesting because it details the arrangements of greenberg's quote, and i'm quoting federal prosecutors here, sugar daddy relationships with young women with whom he engaged in drug-fueled sex acts. this plea agreement reveals greenberg spent $70,000 in 150 transactions to pay women for sex via different accounts, including his venmo accounts and he would label these accounts as school, food or ice cream. we've previously seen receipts that show gaetz and greenberg paying women for sex via vemno
12:36 pm
and we'll likely learn more about this and what greenberg is sharing with investigators on monday when he appears in federal court in orlando. >> paula reed, thank you very much for that. some states are dropping mask mandates for students in schools, although many children are not vaccinated. the south carolina education superintendent joins us live next. dy, my schwab financial consultant. here's andy listening to my goals and making plans. this is us talking tax-smart investing, managing risk, and all the ways schwab can help me invest. this is andy reminding me how i can keep my investing costs low and that there's no fee to work with him. here's me learning about schwab's satisfaction guarantee. accountability, i like it. so, yeah. andy and i made a good plan. find your own andy at schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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even before the cdc issued new guidance for people who are fully vaccinated to get rid of their masks in most cases, some states had already dropped the mask mandate for students in schools, even though most kids are not vaccinated. yesterday in utah, the gov no
12:40 pm
are announced he would suspend the mask mandate for the last week of the school year. earlier this week the governor of south carolina removed the mask mandate for students there. molly is the superintendent of education. thank you for being with us. let's start with this governor's order. you oppose it, but do you believe that governor mcmaster's order makes those students, their families, those communities let's safe or puts them at greater risk? >> thanks for having me on, victor. south carolina has been fortunate that our schools have been open. all of our schools are open to give parents that option to send their students in person. most of them have been open since january. we were able to keep students safe because of the five mitigation factors. so, i did oppose the governor's executive order, however, it caused such a stew and chaos
12:41 pm
across the state, i felt i needed to rescind my order as well so i am concerned about the safety of all of our students. we are working to get more students vaccinated as quickly as we can. but i and parents alike are very concerned. >> let's talk about your order because there's a distinction here. the governor's order created some opt-out form in which parents, guardians could opt their children out of wearing the mask in school. you rescinded the mandate all together, so didn't yours go further whereas parents would have made the children not wearing a mask the exception, you've now gotten rid of the rule? >> well, the requirement, but we are still strongly recommending all students and teachers wear masks. we also said districts should abide by the local -- our
12:42 pm
department of health rules and the cdc. so, you'll find that most of our districts are continuing with the mask requirement. a few of them are saying they will not abided by the governor's order. others are saying strongly recommend. my situation really on tuesday night, this sort of came out at 5:00 after schools were closed. a lot of uncertainty. and i did -- i made my motion because i felt that i needed to do something to settle the calm. but we are still working to have support districts and parents to wear masks and also to get our students vaccinated just as soon as possible. >> does this order, your rescinded order, does this mean administrators, teachers, staff, that they no longer have to wear masks? >> it depends on the local district. and most -- we have 81 districts in south carolina. most all of them, excluding
12:43 pm
possibly three or four, are saying we are abiding by the cdc and south carolina department of health mandates, which do say everyone should wear masks. so, it's a real mixture. it's very unfortunate because it has caused a lot of confusion. i had told superintendentses we were going to stick to our order until the end of the year, but it just became impossible when the conflicting order came out and parents were able to opt out. it was moot really after that. so, my advice to other states is to keep the order in place until the school year is out. work hard to get all students vaccinated. that's what we're doing in south carolina. >> for your guidance and the guidance of the few districts that are -- that defer to the cdc, does that mean those teenagers who are fully vaccinated and those teachers, those staff members who are fully vaccinated, that they will not have to wear masks? >> well, that information just came out yesterday. we're asking for some
12:44 pm
clarification because it's a little confusing as to what they have actually said. again, most of our districts are -- will go by what the guidance is, but it's a little confusing today. we have asked for some clarification, whether those vaccinated students should continue wearing masks and those vaccinated teachers should continue wearing masks inside schools. and we are -- we're sending that information out. in fact, we were just on the phone before i got on air with you to get some clarification on that. >> all right. molly spearman, superintendent of education in south carolina, keep us updated on what you learn from the cdc moving forward with those teachers and students who are vaccinated. thanks so much for your time. >> thank you for having me on. victor, tensions are escalating in the middle east with some of the worst fighting in years between israel and hamas. we're live in israel next. e from tempur-pedic responds to snoring, automatically. so no hiding under your pillow. or opting for the couch.
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another day of violence between israelis and palestinians. today a confrontation in the west bank left at least ten palestinians dead. the palestinian health ministry reports that is 26 palestinians have been killed in gaza fighting. >> the u.n. secretary-general is calling for all parties to immediately cease fighting and allow for medation to take place. cnn's nic robertson joins us from ashtod, israel.
12:50 pm
nic, what are you seeing there? >> reporter: yeah, here we've seen sirens going off because there's been incoming rockets from gaza. we've seen and heard the sirens going off in the next town down the coast towards gaza in ashkelon there. we were right along the border with troops, with israeli troops, with their tanks, with their armored personnel careers, with their heavy diggers, where they were digging sand berms, you know, to sort of keep their equipment safe. that location was being targeted around dusk. multiple times we had to run for cover there, so the rockets have been coming out from gaza. they have been engaged, as we've seen so many times, engaged by the israeli iron dome defensive system taking out the rockets. sometimes quite low. very clear to us that those israeli troops on the outskirts of gaza do appear to be being targeted. so we've had israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu speaking to israelis today saying that he said that the country would deal a blow to hamas. help said that they have done
12:51 pm
it, that they will continue to do it, that they have been targeted in their tunnels in the past 24 hours. he said hamas thought that they could hide. we've shown them that they can't, and that we'll continue doing this. we've also heard from gaza today. the electricity there has been cut off because the power cables between israel that supplies much of gaza's electricity and gaza was cut. the power station there ran out of fuel. people have been fleeing the areas of the heaviest air strikes into what the u.n. calls safe zones, safe accommodation which was scored but those buildings have been overrun. they have so many people that are fleeing the danger. >> we can see that. the pictures are just horrible actually. nic robertson, thank you very much for all of the reporting. days after being ousted from the house gop leadership, what is next for congresswoman liz cheney, and how does she plan to keep the former president from being elected to another term? she speaks to cnn's jake tapper
12:52 pm
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♪ [truck horn blares] (vo) the subaru forester. dog tested. dog approved. this week's cnn hero became marrlized from the waist down and struggled for years to get
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into shape and attain a healthy life-style. he created an adaptive physical training program to help people with disabilities push beyond their limitations. meet wesly hamilton. >> come on, easy. >> my main goal is to teach people how to take control of their life. take full accountability and emigres your reality. you can start right here. when we go through our program, it's only the bring. i want to be there through your whole journey because we want to see you successful. >> i gained so much from my injury and i want other people to have that same be mindset. i believe that once we help someone, now they have the ability to help else. this is something that has to have a ripple effect. we're coming together and empowering each other and being
12:58 pm
inspirational for one another. >> fantastic. to learn more about wes' work head to >> what an incredible hero. victor, what happened when you tried to venture out without your mask last night? >> i didn't put my mask back on until i came back into the building today. i went to two of the places on the list that is still requiring masks. everybody still had their mask on. i was the only person in these two places without a imagine. i expected, you know, exuberance. >> they require masks still. >> i thought they forgot to take the sign off the door. we, of course, were into the breaking news, but i just expected that once that was an option that conditions would allow then people who have been vaccinated to do that. it's very difficult to navigate, but i thought there would be exuberance and dancing and
12:59 pm
celebration. >> there were people sniffing pine apples through masks in the grocery store. >> i love the idea of where you ripped your mask off and walked in proudly. where was that? >> i'm not saying. >> i went to a school event. there were 30 parents. it was all outdoors, of course, and not had a single person was wearing masks and furthermore everybody shook hands with each other. i thought that was coming. i thought the handshake would go the way of the dodo bird. it's back with a vengeance. didn't even ask each other permission. it's back. >> he wllo. >> i guess a year and a half of fist bumping business owners are still asking do we drop the mandate? i was too excited and too wold.
1:00 pm
not that i won't put the mask back on. i was expecting something more than people were getting red for. >> were people giving you the hairy eyeball? >> i certainly got it the two places i went yesterday. >> i just love that image. i wish you had posted it. have a wonderful weekend. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> code of cases are plunging, but there's confusion all over the map. "the lead" starts right now. mask on, mask off. offer the cdc sets our faces free, some americans wondering what to do with this guidance and the most talked about woman in politics, congresswoman liz cheney. the stark warning she's issuing to the nation about what she fears will come next. plus,rance some paid. colonial pipeline gives the hackers what they


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